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Pacific Surveillance is watching and listening around the clock to prevent crime from affecting your business, with the ability to respond in real-time to absolutely any threat. Pacific Surveillance represents an evolution in remote security systems that gives you the peace of mind to know your business is reliably secure, at all times.



We offer a free onsite consultation to determine the assets most important to protect, as well as to develop an structured way to meet your security needs.



Every site and business is different, which means that you’ll receive a custom designed video monitoring system that is completely isolated with redundant internet and power sources.



Our remote security monitoring happens live — which means no false alarms, instant action, and faster response times from law enforcement.



Pacific Surveillance's remote video monitoring systems result in other helpful data points such as heat maps, head counts, and traffic paths. We’ll help you put that information to good use.



100% Understanding of location needs garanteed.


Let trained professionals install and configure your system.

24/7 Monitoring

Maintain peace of mind knowing we are watching.

Analytics Gathering

Our systems sort seek and find valuable information.

Watching your
construction site 24/7

Because everyday work counts, we watch your site for any intrution.

Monitoring 24/7

Everything in your asset translates to an active profit to your organization.

The trouble is you think you have time.

About Us

  • Pacific Surveillance focuses on 24/7 real time remote monitoring of your company's assets.
  • Pacific Surveillance utilizes cutting edge technology to remote guard your business' assets.
  • Remote guarding and monitoring service is a significant evolution in the safety and security industry, and it’s not an overstatement to say that it is revolutionizing the way sites are protected.
  • Event-driven and Triggers can be configured to respond to an array of different triggers.
  • Manned video surveillance by digital security guards can be used to augment traditional onsite guarding, or even substitute for it in certain situations
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring allows you to reduce risk through effective security measures, increasing your total business awareness and control of your site.
  • Increasingly sophisticated technology coupled with competitive product pricing and the ability to integrate with existing systems has made this capability an attractive reality for more businesses today.
  • High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ technology Systems

    • Unauthorized activity detection and documentation.
    • Provides priceless incident verification for insurance and legal matters.
    • Can prevent loitering, crowding, or grouping.
    • Can automatically recognize specific license plates.
    • Document and tracks human motion patterns

    Why Choose Pacific Surveillance

    Asset protection is at the core of our monitoring security services.

    • Elite, high-level operatives. Our remote security guards include former police officers, security specialists, and military personnel.
    • No coffee breaks. Unlike an on-site guard who can only be one place at a time, we’re always watching.
    • Instant response. When an event occurs, we respond immediately via two-way audio and decisive action.
    • Ironclad reliability. Our remote security monitoring infrastructure is in the Quinby datacenter, a Class A facility with layers of redundancy.

    Security Equals Continue Productivity.

    Our Services

    Pacific surveillance focuses on providing wireless and wired surveillance monitoring services.

    Warehouse Montoring

    Let us monitor and protect your company's inventory when you’re away. Warehouse monitoring protects against unwanted intrusions and property theft. In the event of an intrusion alarms will sound and law enforcement will be dispatched to your warehouse location.

    Farm Monitoring

    Protect your farm's perimeter and equipment with our wireless camera systems. We will ensure there are no intruders during the hours you provide and that your equipment is safe.

    Office Monitoring

    Check on your office live from any location and let us monitor and protect your business while you’re away. Any intrusion or suspicious behavior will be sent to you and law enforcement.

    Construction Monitoring

    Construction sites are very prone to incidents, from crane climbers to tool theft. We can monitor your site's perimeter and catch intruders within minutes. We have a long history of construction site related arrests and our system is a fraction of the cost of security guards.

    Parking Lot Monitoring

    Poorly lit vacant lots often attract unwanted activity. Our cameras can see in pitch black and deter loiterers with pre recorded audio clips that can sound at the push of a button.

    Offsite Location Monitoring

    Our cameras can be used in locations where power and Internet are unavailable. This could be a new construction site or a remote location off the grid. We use cell data to transmit the video feed to our monitoring station and your phone.

    When A Security Event Occurs…

    1. Pacific Surveillance Protection’s team of security operatives monitors the situation in real time, via HD video feeds.
    2. Your remote security team will assess the event to make sure it’s not a false alarm<
    3. Next, a virtual security officer may intervene via two-way audio
    4. If appropriate, we will personally summon law enforcement and apprise them of the developing situation

    Frequently Asked Questions


    As soon as an on-site alarm device detects an event such as an intrusion, an immediate signal is sent to Central Monitoring. There, a highly trained security technician will receive the alarm and immediately assess the live video feed. The security specialist will then analyze the nature of the event, notifying authorities if appropriate. The specialist may intervene through two-way audio, which has been shown to successfully deter events in progress and stop crimes before they’re carried out.

    Similarly, the security specialist will be able to discern whether the event was a false alarm such as an employee accidentally triggering the system. This avoids the costs associated with false alarms and unnecessary strain on local law enforcement, making them more likely to respond to your business in a timely fashion in the future.

    Video monitoring technology has come an incredibly long way. Today, Galaxy Protection is able to offer a highly sophisticated network of HD camera feeds that come equipped with face detection software, zoom capability, intelligent alert of risk activity, specialized access control and motion detection. This allows for the creation of a “virtual guarding” setup which mimics a traditional security guard walking rounds and doing look-ins.

    The key differences, however, are that our cameras can be in all places at all times, and as such aren’t subject to negligence or simple human error. And of course, a turnkey virtual guarding solution is significantly less expensive than hiring on-site security guards.

    Galaxy Protection is proud to stand behind our policy of worry-free maintenance. If any cameras or equipment fail due to regular wear and tear, we will replace them at no additional cost to you. Software updates are continual, and our maintenance is comprehensive.

    We can offer…

    • Two-way audio communication
    • Facial recognition
    • Perimeter security
    • Detection of persons in a sensitive area
    • Detection of unauthorized activity
    • Detection of crowding or grouping
    • Equipment protection
    • Loitering prevention
    • Discovery of suspicious objects
    • Enforcement of parking regulations
    • Scheduled/randomized patrol
    • License plate recognition (LPR)
    • Incident verification
    • Managed access control

    Contact Us

    Pacific Surveillance offers a comprehensive array of security and monitoring solutions (24/7) to protect property assets. We plan, design, and implement security solutions with the client 100% satisfaction in mind.

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    Monitoring assets is our company's goal.